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fixmypension.com moves onto Xero

what the nerds did

  • took on the bookkeeping, freeing up time for other tasks
  • implemented adaptive invoicing
  • simplified the shift to Xero

number-smart people in need of time

Elizabeth Ansong-Jorgenson from fixmypension.com is not someone who is in need of help with numbers. As Projects and Operations Manager for a rapidly-growing pensions firm, she knows how to keep track of the business’s costs. However, she was finding herself stretched increasingly thinly by her workload. She also wanted to move to Xero, but had no time to complete the training.

What she needed was for someone to take over the bookkeeping so that she could concentrate on her other duties, but there wasn’t enough work for a full-time employee. On top of that, they’d still have to deal with the issue around learning Xero. With the numbers nerds, she was able to tackle both problems in one go.

what the nerds did

Because they are flexible about the amount of work they take on, the nerds can pick up a specific task, such as bookkeeping, in order to ease the workload in-house. For fixmypension.com they were able to bring in Xero and Receipt Bank to ease the strain on Elizabeth. It’s a “fantastic system”, says Elizabeth.

It’s still very early days working with the numbers nerds, but they’ve already been able to start working with the specific invoice requirements of the company. All this has been tied up with an approachable, professional service which has made the transition easy for Elizabeth, who now has much more time to focus on other things.

the result

The rapid implementation of the system has relied on good communication, a major part of the numbers nerds’ service. Every month, they sit down with Elizabeth in her office, at a time that’s convenient for her. At this point, they’re able to discuss processes, iron out any issues that have arisen, and check in to make sure it’s all going okay.

On top of this, the nerds are always on hand if needed. Elizabeth is able to send them an email whenever she has a question, and she gets a quick, friendly response.

in Elizabeth’s words

Elizabeth always has her hands full with the running of the business, which is why she’s so pleased with the work that the nerds have been able to do for her:

“They’re a great bunch of guys: friendly, easy to work with and very professional.”—Elizabeth Ansong-Jorgenson

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