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DrieDee’s Chris Harding finds time to work on the business

  • removed the pressure of doing the books
  • freed up time to help grow the business
  • provided support, whatever time it was needed

make time for creativity

When Chris Harding from DrieDee.co.uk got in contact with the numbers nerds, he knew that he needed to free himself from spending so much time working on the books. As the Chief Operating Officer, Chris is focused on the growth of DrieDee, who are a specialist concept development, design and build company working across a huge range of commercial spaces.

Yet Chris was finding that he was spending too much time working on the accounts, and not enough time developing the business. He knew that keeping on top of the numbers is key for growth, but so is having the time and space to think creatively and progress your ideas. So he got in contact with the numbers nerds, knowing that they would be able to help.

what the nerds did

Getting straight down to work, the nerds were able to set up a whole new system for keeping track of the finances. By introducing a flexible approach, they’ve been able to work with Chris in a way that suits him perfectly, and provides him with more time to develop DrieDee. On top of this, the numbers nerds are always on hand, even if it’s out-of-hours, to talk through issues on the phone and deal with whatever work is required. Knowing that business isn’t always confined to office hours, Chris has found he can rely on the nerds.

the result

One of the areas in which the numbers nerds have been of particular value is in helping DrieDee deal with various HMRC setups. Chris has been delighted with the assistance they’ve provided, and feels that with the nerds’ help, tax has been dealt with efficiently and effectively. What’s more, because of their pay-as-you-go model, they’ve been able to provide all the support and assistance flexibly, and at a very affordable rate. Chris has been really delighted with the result!

in Chris’s words

“I can recommend them to anyone who wants to spend less time doing the books and more time growing their business.”—Chris Harding, COO and Non-Executive Director

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