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PRK Coaching turns to the nerds to handle the bookkeeping for her brand new business

  • freed up time to focus on business passions
  • implemented flexible individualised client invoicing
  • gave access to information and analysis anywhere in the world

multiple problems, one solution

When life coach, entrepreneur and author Priya Rana Kapoor first decided to launch her coaching company, PRK Coaching, she was ready to take on the challenges of juggling a hectic schedule and doing all she could to share her insights with the world. Priya is the first to admit that Maths isn’t her forte and she won’t open an Excel spreadsheet if she can avoid it. So the moment she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, she turned to the nerds to handle the bookkeeping for her brand new business.

Priya also knew that each client would have different invoicing requirements, something she realised would be “extremely laborious”. In fact, it made each customer their own unique case when it came to invoicing. But numbers nerds were able to handle her invoicing requirements, while also setting up a streamlined bookkeeping system.

what the nerds did

The Nerds have been able to do all this, and have also catered to her Excel aversion by sending clear, simple PDF pie charts to keep her up to speed on every aspect of her business’ financials. In addition, Priya recognises that the nerds actively save her money, as they prevent her from being overtaxed by providing her business with a simple system for identifying and cataloguing its deductible expenses.

Priya also has the peace of mind of knowing that the nerds are always just a phone call away, and will get onto any issues she might have within minutes. They are continuously looking for the easiest, most efficient way of doing things; for example, instead of sending in hard copies of her receipts, she simply sends photos of the receipts using a convenient mobile app.

 the result

Meeting with the nerds each month to discuss her bookkeeping and receive guidance on her business’s finances has given Priya the support she needs to keep her business thriving. As for financial paperwork, it’s all taken care of and electronically stored so she can access it remotely, whether she’s giving a lecture or doing a book tour. This means that wherever she is in the world, number nerds have given Priya the tools to make her business a success.

in Priya’s words

“I have enjoyed working with numbers nerds so much over the years that I am keeping them on as my bookkeepers for my UK business even though I mostly live in the US! I trust them to help me out from afar… Thank you, highly recommended!”—Priya Kapoor

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