February 19th, 2015

how your bookkeeper can help grow your business

How quickly you’re able to expand your business is largely dependent on how you manage your finances. Carefully managed books can help you weather even the worst storms, and in times of plenty, they can be the foundation you need to rapidly grow your business.

We should know—Numbers Nerds was founded by a successful business owner who understands exactly how robust financial operations can help a business sink or swim. So bearing in mind our own hands-on business experience, here are just a few of the ways a first-class bookkeeping service can help grow your business.

fewer debts, more ready cash

By setting up a streamlined invoicing system, a good bookkeeper can instantly improve your cashflow,  getting clients to pay for your products or services in a timely manner. At Numbers Nerds, we go a step further to offer credit control services, so you have an even lower risk of facing cash shortfalls. Having a steady cashflow means you won’t get into debt to cover overheads, and you’ll be able to focus your funds on developing your business venture.

the time needed to expand

The Nerds’ first goal as a bookkeeping service is to handle all of the financial paperwork that usually plagues business owners. So we process, scan and electronically store paperwork backlogs and then handle all of our clients’ bookkeeping paperwork. Why do we do it? First, to unburden business owners of all those paper-filled drawers, and second, to give you the extra time you need to expand your business, whether it’s through networking, touching base with clients, or spending more time on marketing.

overcome financial obstacles

With any business venture, there are bound to be financial issues at some point; what matters is how you resolve them. A first-rate bookkeeper should periodically reconcile your bank statements to your books so you’ll always have a clear picture of your business’s financial health. More importantly, that financial data should be analysed to identify issues that could affect your business’s development; the nerds even hold monthly check-ins with clients to discuss any possible financial problems, offering tailored solutions to stop those issues from hindering your growth.

the Nerds you can trust

For all the services mentioned above and more, contact Numbers Nerds today and see how our bespoke approach and tailored financial guidance could help you grow your business.

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