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If you’re running a charity, you’re sure to already have loads on your plate, so you simply might not have the time needed to grapple with all the paperwork and hassle of bookkeeping and accounting. However, with charities, every incoming and outgoing penny must be meticulously accounted for, especially with the high demands placed on your funds, making well-managed books a priority for the non-profit sector.

monthly check-ins

The nerds will meet with you every month to discuss your charity’s financial objectives and to look at how your organisation could be run more efficiently in terms of financial control. By having our highly qualified team actively work to improve your financial operations and resolve any issues before they become a problem, numbers nerds will see to it that you get the most out of your funding so you can do as much for your cause as possible.


At numbers nerds, we’ll take care of all your tax issues, including registering your charity with HMRC, carefully preparing and submitting your returns to prove that your funds are being used for charitable purposes, and ensuring that you benefit from the tax reliefs to which you’re entitled. We’ll also help you claim back taxes that have been deducted, also known as Gift Aid, ensuring that you receive your payments in a timely fashion. We can even act as your authorised HMRC agent if you like, so that all correspondence, reminders and notifications will come straight to us.

basic tax planning

We will carefully examine and analyse your organisation’s finances to devise an effective taxable income reduction strategy, helping your charity to become as tax-efficient as possible.


When it comes to charities, financial reporting can be immensely challenging, especially if you haven’t got the professional experience and know-how. The nerds will stay abreast of all changes in rules and regulations pertaining to financial reporting for charities, and will make sure that your organisation complies fully with all of the latest requirements, including the Charities Act 2006 and the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities.

comprehensive support

Available round the clock, numbers nerds offer full support to our clients; this doesn’t mean just crunching numbers, but also eliminating your financial paperwork and giving the bespoke advice you need. For charities, we can help you liaise with the Charity Commission, and will ensure that all your books are flawless in the event of an enquiry. We also provide fees protection insurance to cover professional costs, should your organisation be subjected to an audit.

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For more information on any of the above services, visit our bookkeeping and accounting pages or contact us today. You can also have a look at our services page to put together the perfect package of tailored services for your charity.

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