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  • improved cashflow via credit control
  • CIS and PAYE covered
The construction industry is one where disputes are common and financial risks are high. Thus, engaging an expert bookkeeping and accounting service is of the utmost importance, whether you’re a plumber, electrician, builders merchant, or any business owner in the construction and trades industry. The nerds understand the financial complexities of this sector, and will take care of all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting, including your Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance and returns, allowing you to focus on delivering projects that surpass your customers’ expectations.


Contractors must register for the CIS so that deductions can be taken from subcontractors’ payments and given to HMRC as part of the subcontractors’ tax and National Insurance contribution. The nerds will handle all CIS paperwork and returns, so your business is always fully compliant with CIS regulations. If made an authorised HMRC delegate for your business, numbers nerds will also receive all HMRC correspondence, and deal with them directly on your behalf to save you time and hassle.


If you’ve got a team of tradesmen working permanently at your construction company, numbers nerds can set up an efficient payroll run so your employees will always be paid on time. We’ll also see to it that your real-time information is correctly submitted to HMRC and that the right amounts are deducted from your staff’s pay for NIC and tax.


In order to keep your business tax-efficient, numbers nerds will devise a taxable income reduction strategy for your company and will also handle all your HMRC tax matters, from company registration to claiming tax refunds. Our diligent approach is especially valuable in the construction industry where business tax regulations are often complex and change frequently.

cashflow improvement

Whether you’re a painter and decorator, builder, or the head of a construction company, if you work in construction, you know first-hand what a headache it can be to chase customers for payments. Irregular cashflow can lead to major setbacks in terms of purchasing materials beforehand, paying subcontractors and employees, and completing jobs on time. The nerds take a two-fold approach to improving cashflow: first, with accurate cashflow forecasting to help you prepare for shortfalls and surpluses, and second, with credit control. To improve credit control, we put an effective credit control and invoicing system in place, and we conscientiously follow up with customers on your behalf.

cutting-edge software

By using only the latest accounting and bookkeeping software like Xero, Receipt Bank and Infusionsoft, Numbers Nerds give you 24/7 access to your financial data, while drastically reducing your paperwork. This way, you can stay on top of your business’s finances even when you’re out and about on jobs.

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