• streamlined invoicing
  • cashflow forecasting and improvement
  • all tax matters covered
When it comes to businesses in the creative sector, business owners are often fuelled by passion, which is why financial guidance and support are so important. Numbers nerds can take care of all your financial paperwork and admin and give you custom financial advice, helping you to maximise your business's profitability. The nerds will ensure that you're getting the most for your work and creativity, leaving you the time you need to run your business and pursue your passion, whether you’re running a marketing agency, a media and publishing house, or a web design agency.  


The nerds will handle all your tax matters, including self-assessment tax returns, Corporation Tax returns, and claims for tax refunds. As part of our basic tax planning service, we’ll also help your business become fully tax efficient. In addition, to ensure you get the tax reliefs you’re entitled to, our clients use the convenient Receipt Bank mobile app so we can monitor all your business expenses and prevent you being overtaxed, without you having to deal with any paperwork whatsoever.

tailored financial advice

As part of our comprehensive approach to delivering financial advice specifically for your business, numbers nerds will meet with you every month to discuss your budget, analyse your profit and loss forecasts, and identify any weak spots in your financial operations. Depending on what suits you best, meetings can either be held virtually via the web or in person. By setting and regularly reviewing unique key performance indicators for your business, we’ll also help you achieve your profitability goals and get the remuneration you deserve for your creative services.

invoicing and credit control

From social media marketers to printers, bloggers and graphic designers, most business owners in the creative sector need support in setting up streamlined invoicing systems that will get them paid on time and keep their cashflow steady. The nerds can set up a well-oiled invoicing system so that invoices are always issued and processed efficiently, showcasing your professionalism and organisation to clients. Numbers nerds also understand how to politely chase up client payments, and we’ll implement a credit control system so you won’t be short of cash when overheads need to be paid.

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For more information on any of numbers nerds’ expert bookkeeping, accounting or support admin services, contact us today, or have a look at our three-step approach to put together the perfect package of tailored services to suit your company’s needs.

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