February 10th, 2015

a brand new blog on numbers, nerds and getting your finances sorted

We have to admit, when we first came up with the idea of starting a numbers nerds blog, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves: aren’t the nerds more about numbers, not words?

Armed with our determination to spread our nerdy wisdom to the furthest reaches of the worldwide web, we decided to give it a go anyway and started the very first numbers nerds blog—if we’d mastered the complexities of financial analysis, how hard could blogging really be?

Now, we’ve got a shiny new website design, with optimised functionality, lots of user-friendly features, and everything you need to find the perfect package of tailor-made nerds services for your business. So to add to our website experience, we’re tackling blogging with vigour, and taking things up a notch with the numbers nerds blog.

A financial resource with a nerdy twist

You’ve got loads to look forward to in our upcoming numbers nerds blog posts. We plan to discuss the financial issues and bookkeeping challenges facing businesses across different industries, from start-ups to long-established companies. We’ll also offer helpful business advice and tips on doing your taxes, highlight common pitfalls in invoicing and payroll processing, and explain how to eliminate paperwork and securely store receipts, plus loads more.

Our aim is to create a go-to resource where you can benefit from our expert financial guidance to get whatever support you need, whether it’s help, inspiration, or a little clarity on a bookkeeping or accounting issue—and of course, we’re always just a click or phone call away if you want to contact us for more information on any of our blog subjects or on our services. Having an informative and insightful blog is all part of our overarching mission to give clients more than just facts and figures, to instead show businesses how first-class financial control could pave the way to success and longevity.


Without further ado, we’d like to give you a massive, extra-nerdy welcome to the revamped numbers nerds website, and our brand new blog. We can’t wait to spread the word on how efficient financial systems could see your business soar, and we look forward to working on our blog posts with the same gusto we apply to numbers each and every day.

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