Candy Kittens

what the nerds did

  • provided flexible support
  • saved a huge amount of in-house effort
  • smoothed the way for continued growth

outgrowing old fashioned support

Candy Kittens is a modern confectionary company with a modern vision. Launched in May 2012, and targeting a style-conscious consumer, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Ed Williams realised that by early 2014 they had moved beyond their old bookkeeping firm. What Candy Kittens needed was a company as modernising and forward-looking as themselves.

Knowing that traditional assistance just wouldn’t work for them, Ed got in contact with the numbers nerds. He was interested in the advantages of Xero, and the Nerds came highly recommended as experts in the software. Joining forces in mid-2014, Ed hasn’t looked back.

what the nerds did

There have been two major elements that the numbers nerds have been able to help with. The first is in the move to improved electronic systems. Xero provides incredible flexibility, especially for growing businesses, as well as location independent access to financial information. On top of this, the Nerds are able to produce detailed analysis of the figures, meaning it’s easy to track any changes in business performance.

The other side is in the physical presence they’re able to provide. Their individual bookkeeper, Ali, does weekly visits, helping to keep key lines of communication open. On top of this, the nerds have an extensive network of professionals behind Ali, so whenever Ed needs support, there’ll always be someone on hand to help with his queries.

the result

This system provides Ed with the best of both worlds. On the one hand, he’s always got an external eye being cast over the numbers, giving him perspective on the progress being made. On the other hand, Ali feels like a member of the team, and their regular meetings mean that they have the chance to talk through anything that comes up as part of the running of the business.

The biggest advantage that the numbers nerds provide is in the effort they save. They’ve taken on a number of essential tasks, freeing up permanent staff members who are now able to get on with running the business. In effect, the nerds provide the flexibility of an extra employee without the HR. Having outgrown their old bookkeepers, Candy Kittens are now looking to the future with the support of the numbers nerds.

in Ed’s words

“I find it hard to get excited about numbers, but I love the service the Nerds are offering. They’re modernising an old and boring system and doing something more engaging and forward-thinking.”—Ed Williams


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