Couch Retail Limited

  • updated business support
  • eased transition to new forms of bookkeeping
  • provided absolute flexibility in approach

A growing business needing adaptive bookkeeping

Couch Retail Limited are an innovative e-commerce company. Nikki Singh directs the company, and after a period of rapid growth she realised that she was in need of new and flexible bookkeeping support for the business.

Nikki had met the numbers nerds own Mark Wallis at a business networking event. She thought of him when Couch Retail needed support with the day-to-day finances, and got in contact. Nikki knew that key to what she needed from her bookkeeping was adaptability, and the nerds offered an excellent solution.

What the Nerds did

The first thing Mark did was bring in the team. Dealing with the nerds is not just about finding an individual who you can work with—you get a whole support network that comes along with them. Coming on site, they were able to explain the software, and ease the transition to a new way of working. By combining the best of electronic innovation and face-to-face business presence, the numbers nerds felt like a great option for Nikki and her company.

The other major area the nerds excel in is providing flexible support. Because her business has grown so quickly, Nikki is aware that her needs could change rapidly. With their ability to easily scale up their involvement, the numbers nerds were an ideal choice.

The result

Nikki has found that since starting with the nerds, she’s saved a lot of time. She’d found that traditional accountants require you to do a lot of the work yourself, but the numbers nerds carry almost all of the burden, taking care of it all without any fuss. Because they’re so time effective, Nikki has been freed up to do other things, which is excellent for her and her business.

There’s also the advantage of dealing with a young innovative company who are able to adapt to their patterns and ethos to Couch Retail. Nikki knows that her preferred way of contact is via email, and the nerds are able to work in exactly that way for her, always being on hand to answer any queries that crop up. Nikki is really pleased with how things are going.

In Nikki’s words

“They’re great, very helpful and really flexible. You’re not tied in like you are with other accountants. Price-wise they are flexible and accommodating.”—Nikki Singh

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