• monthly updates and KPIS check-ins
  • tailored finance advice
  • detailed, accurate reports
At numbers nerds, we’re about a lot more than juggling numbers and sorting your taxes (although we can’t deny that we’re pretty great at that, too). Our mission is to help businesses thrive by getting their financial records in order so that financial operations are smooth and streamlined. That’s why we take such a comprehensive approach for all our clients, going beyond basic bookkeeping and accounting to help you set and achieve your business’s financial goals at a fixed monthly fee.

personalised key performance indicators

Every business is different, so the numbers nerds team will examine all financial aspects of your company to deliver a tailored financial plan and set key performance indicators unique to your business. By outlining key performance indicators, we set the bar for your company’s success and guarantee that any financial issues are addressed right away, keeping your business and its finances on track for the long haul.

targets setup

The nerds will set up achievable, specific, time-bound financial targets for your business. Not only will this get your company finances in order, but it will set the foundation for an efficient and successful business with well-oiled financial operations.

monthly updates

To keep you abreast of all matters relating to your books and accounts, the nerds provide monthly updates to all clients. That way, you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to your business’s financial state of affairs.

monthly meetings to monitor key performance indicators

To ensure that your business’s financial goals are met, numbers nerds actively detect any financial issues that could be affecting your business and offer real solutions in the quickest possible time. We also hold monthly meetings as key performance indicator check-ins, to provide custom financial advice and review your targets, cashflow and reports, keeping you on track with your financial objectives.

profit and loss reports, balance sheets and customised reports

Along with detailed profit and loss reports and balance sheets, the numbers nerds team will also prepare customised reports to suit your company’s specific needs, allowing you to track and analyse financial data relevant to your business.

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With numbers nerds, you’re getting a whole lot more than accounting and bookkeeping— you’re getting round-the-clock financial guidance and support you can count on. Whether you need help with your taxes or someone to handle your payroll, have a look at our simple three-step approach  to find the right custom service for you or get in touch with the nerds today.

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