About Us

We understand the needs of small businesses

Having worked with many small businesses as well as being a small business our self, we have first hand experience in helping companies like yours reach your goals.

We help you develop robust financial systems

Seamless financial systems and an easy to use way to track your finances are key making wise business decision and having more time to focus on your business.

We have over 25 years of hands-on experience

With so many years of experience behind us, there is nothing we haven't seen and we can draw upon endless experiences to provide the best service for your business needs.

About the Nerds


About the Nerds

My “nerd credentials” are beyond question – bespectacled from an early age and with a fondness for mathematics, I was never likely to be one of the cool kids. My ability in maths and all matters numerical led me into ACA accountancy training at a small London firm and then, after passing all the exams, to a long career with HSBC at their global headquarters.

After a wealth of experience at HSBC and learning how powerful good financial decision making is in making business decisions, I acquired Numbers Nerds to give small businesses the help they deserve with a corporate level of experience.

Numbers Nerds can help you build the business that you really want. One that works smoothly and where you can spend your time focusing on what you’re best at. Working together, we can get the right processes in place to save you time and stress, and to give you the information that you need to make important decisions and enable your business to flourish.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation on how we can help your business save time and make well-informed financial decisions which will set out the path to achieve your business goals.

Accreditation & Software

Xero Gold Partner

As a Xero gold partner, numbers nerds enjoy maximum benefits from Xero’s world-class software, training and round-the-clock support. For our clients, this means we’re able to deliver the highest standards of bookkeeping and accounting.



All members of the numbers nerds team are Xero-certified. This means we’re certified to use Xero’s cutting-edge accounting and bookkeeping software to satisfy all your accounting and bookkeeping needs

Receipt Bank silver partner

Receipt Bank Silver Partner

The numbers nerds are a silver partner with Receipt Bank, the service we use to eliminate manual data entry and most of your financial paperwork. We also give our clients the option of using the Receipt Bank app to send us photos of their receipts, bills and invoices, so it’s easier than ever to virtually store their receipts and keep track of their business’s expenses.



Infusionsoft is a fully integrated online system that combines contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce. At numbers nerds, we love Infusionsoft’s e-commerce tools, as we use them to process and collect online payments for your business, manage your inventory, and create in-depth e-commerce reports.

The Payroll Site

The Payroll Site

At numbers nerds, we use Payroll Site’s user-friendly technology to calculate payroll for our clients, including PAYE and NIC deductions. Accurate and reliable, Payroll Site is automatically updated according to the latest UK tax regulations, rates and limits. It’s also our go-to software for generating payslips and sending RTI submissions to HMRC.

Minute Dock

If your business bills by the hour, then MinuteDock can save you vast amounts of time. This software makes time tracking easy and streamlined, and numbers nerds can also use its integrated invoicing feature to generate informative, chronological invoices that will be sent straight to our accounting system. MinuteDock also allows us to provide detailed reporting that makes it simple to monitor how you spend your time.



We have bookkeeping covered, from invoicing management and processing to VAT returns and bank reconciliation.

Real-time Accounting

We take care of all tax matters, from HMRC, PAYE and CIS registration, tax planning and fee protection insurance.

Credit Control

We upgrade your invoicing processes and credit control system, and even politely chase clients so you get paid on time.


We manage every aspect of your payroll, so employees will always be paid correctly on time with deducted PAYE and NIC taxes.

Cashflow Forecasting

We’ll help your business plan ahead, meet its financial objectives, and avoid non-payment of overheads.

Monthly Meetings

We meet with you monthly, give financial advice for your business and address any issues before they become a problem.

Spend more time doing what you're great at

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