We use only the best accounting and bookkeeping technology available

  • Xero

    Xero’s powerful online accounting and bookkeeping software is the best there is. It gives numbers nerds the tools to efficiently manage your business’s books, with a cloud capability that means you can access your financial data online from any mobile device, no matter your location. Xero’s brilliant features also allow us to pay your bills, monitor your cashflow, handle your taxes, create detailed reports, and much more—all with banking-level security and 24/7 customer support. find out more
  • Infusionsoft

    Infusionsoft is a fully integrated online system that combines contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce. At numbers nerds, we love Infusionsoft’s e-commerce tools, as we use them to process and collect online payments for your business, manage your inventory, and create in-depth e-commerce reports. We can also use Infusionsoft to create a custom referral programme for you and then keep track of all your commissions. find out more
  • Receipt Bank Silver Partner

    Receipt Bank is nothing short of a Godsend for small business owners. All you’ve got to do is send your receipt, bill or invoice as an image; then Receipt Bank extracts all the key information you need and publishes it directly to your Xero account, making the agony of manual data entry a thing of the past. For numbers nerds clients, all you’ve got to do is upload a photo of your receipt or invoice to the ultra-convenient Receipt Bank app and it’ll automatically be securely stored, with all the important information sent straight to us with no need for scanning, emails or the post. find out more
  • Minutedock

    If your business bills by the hour, then MinuteDock can save you vast amounts of time. This software makes time tracking easy and streamlined, and numbers nerds can also use its integrated invoicing feature to generate informative, chronological invoices that will be sent straight to our accounting system. MinuteDock also allows us to provide detailed reporting that makes it simple to monitor how you spend your time. find out more
  • Payroll Site

    At numbers nerds, we use Payroll Site’s user-friendly technology to calculate payroll for our clients, including PAYE and NIC deductions. Accurate and reliable, Payroll Site is automatically updated according to the latest UK tax regulations, rates and limits. It’s also our go-to software for generating payslips and sending RTI submissions to HMRC. find out more