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  • we understand small business’s needs
  • we help you grow through robust financial systems
  • we have 25 years of hands-on experience
The numbers nerds were conceived through the experience, understanding and financial expertise of a small business owner, which is exactly why we know how to give your small business the support it needs on all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting and finance.

our story

Before hatching the plan for numbers nerds, Mark was a business owner who ran several small businesses. After more than 10 years of owning businesses in a range of different sectors, he learnt just how essential robust financial control is to the success of any company. He also discovered that his true passion lay in setting up efficient financial systems and crunching the numbers for his ventures. Over time, his career brought to light another important realisation: there was a gap in the small business market for outsourced bookkeeping services that could cover payroll and all general bookkeeping duties without the need for an expensive in-house financial department. That’s when he decided to use his expertise to “save businesses from the pain and headache of having to deal with their own bookkeeping”, using his know-how and experience to cater to that market demand and take over the never-ending financial paperwork plaguing small business owners. Just like that, the numbers nerds were born. His first-hand experience dealing with tax and VAT matters had also shown Mark the importance of managing business accounts properly to avoid unnecessary stress. Thus, soon numbers nerds’ first-rate bookkeeping service expanded to cover every aspect of a business’s financial needs, from basic bookkeeping to payroll, taxes, and delivering tailored financial guidance to help clients meet their specific targets. It’s a range of services Mark is proud to offer, because he understands just how necessary this kind of support is when running a small business.

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To find out more on how numbers nerds’ comprehensive financial services could help your business thrive,  contact us today, or have a look at our simple three-step approach to create the perfect tailored package for all your business’s financial needs.

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