it’s a long way to the top if you wanna be a nerd

  • We understand small business’s needs
  • We help you grow through robust financial systems
  • We have 25 years of hands-on experience
The numbers nerds were conceived through the experience, understanding and financial expertise of a small business owner, which is exactly why we know how to give your small business the support it needs on all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting and finance.

our story

My “nerd credentials” are beyond question – bespectacled from an early age and with a fondness for mathematics, I was never likely to be one of the cool kids. My ability in maths and all matters numerical led me into ACA accountancy training at a small London firm and then, after passing all the exams, to a long career with HSBC at their global headquarters. During those years I learnt just how powerful good financial information can be, and how important it is that it is delivered in a way that is both understandable, and that enables the reader to make good decisions based on the full story. This applies just as much to the owner/manager of a small business as it does to the CEO of a multinational bank. They are both extremely busy people, who rarely have an accountancy background, but who want and need to know how their business is doing, and where they should be placing their attention. That’s why, on leaving HSBC, I decided to acquire Numbers Nerds, an already established bookkeeping brand, so I could start to combine my years of financial experience with the brilliant systems and services NN already had in place. I know that Numbers Nerds can help you build the business that you really want. One that works smoothly and where you can spend your time focusing on what you’re best at. Working together, we can get the right processes in place to save you time and stress, and to give you the information that you need to make important decisions and enable your business to flourish.

where to go next?

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  • accounting
    accounting services If you are just starting out or an established company. The numbers nerds team can handle all your business’s accounting needs. find out more
  • case study
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